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Small business loans in the Internet age

with the development of science and technology, the Internet also slowly integrated into people's daily lives. Financial combined with network produced a network of loan finance business in the Internet era. The economic use of the Internet to break the traditional pattern of financial and banking are also focus on the development of the networking needs of small business loans.

for example, some banks have started to work with third-party platforms to establish new sources of finance, through this channel can be obtained directly from the Internet client. Such as Shanghai Pudong Development Bank introduced some new financial services specifically designed for third party trading platform of implementation of credit business, third party trading platform businesses which meet the Bank's loan application requirements in the most efficient way to obtain bank loans. Because of the cooperation relations, banks can more timely understanding of the financial situation of businesses, applications for financial assistance are also made easier through audits.

China Merchants Bank's approach is more successful, the China Merchant Bank focused on small business Internet raise the level of financial computerization and enterprise platform designed for the small business service system upgrades to cover wider areas. Internet line and various channels of financial information on the Internet line chain and network effectively to integrate, implement small business banking services from the first to the future follow up services are provided to fully seamless connectivity, these small businesses are also available through the Bank's financial lending platform to seek partners, financial advisory, business management office services and financial support.

high frequency of small business financing, also not much shorter, prone to frequently appear in the needed financial services to small enterprises. The Bank or third party platforms of cooperation with bank loans for small business financing will be more convenient and efficient channels and means.