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Missing terms do you know?

through Bank loan buy room has is modern life very General of things, in signed of housing loan contract in the some terms often in reality life in the has was hit to, just things also no maximize Bank basic also no real of to held consumers of responsibility, so on representative terms not exists has did? since was writes has contract in the on has has has legal benefits, author think recognize these violation contract terms will brings how of consequences is I consumers by must to understand of.

do not know if you noticed there, bought the share of housing loans, there is an article on the title deed to complete requirements are usually required to purchase if the title deed after processing is the need to pay a penalty in a timely manner. In General buyers will handle the title deed so important, once you can handle almost all property to handle. Because it is common practice to let people tend to ignore the occasional delays have no big problems, banks this provision also does not give the buyer any punishment, this more relaxed the heart of consumer vigilance.

after much understanding, almost all the banks in the mortgage contract has on the certificate and the certificates must be provided in time. This is a Bank and the protection of the rights of the individual, not because of need to pay taxes and delays in processing travel documents, not only of their rights was postponed for what this entails dispute even less worthwhile, Bank really holds the responsibility might have to pay liquidated damages more than the tax on travel documents needed.

Although not to handle the title deed can cost of not spending this sum of ****, but if buyers have a need in the future sale of the property will result in the sale tax trouble. Again, do not handle the title deed mortgage guarantee also belong to the developers to assume, once the buyer's loan problems developers will bear corresponding responsibility.