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Hidden prices and you can see it?

the tighter regulation of the real estate market in Beijing receive, from the introduction price of commercial housing price approval need mayors sign pressures in the housing market is also growing. Does the tightening measures on property prices in Beijing really has a certain effect on us is not known, only that we the people of mortgages continue to house prices are still high. Perspective buyers, consumers did not feel how many fall in prices without any changes.

according to one industry insider said, developers are now no longer sales practices to sell the House, is now selling the contract and renovation contracts signed separately, if you only look at House prices did not rise, but with the renovation costs House was not not to raise prices but had risen by a mile. Come back around in a circle, consumer spending without reducing the loans or to loans even higher, this implicit prices did not know how many?

apart from promoting the contract, for the construction of real estate projects can also be ADHD brain, local transport construction materials from far before the change in the nearby suburbs, less the reduction in transportation costs was also a developer House is not. Then policy tightening, will only lead to developer cover your hair, how demand is also less house price.

on the policy strategy, has the means to further update the property market had further policy responses, can avoid the policy aside, can neck measure first detour, between developers find their stance can always find the slightest gap.