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Several moves to help you choose room

House the first recruit, when buying a House, followed the Bank's steps. US consumers but real buyers, economists hotly for the newspaper the news of what the real estate bubble rise in house prices trend will not go to references, we need effective guidance. Like the Bank loan, when you go to apply for is loose yourself if you know they are tight. Housing market risks when banks tighten mortgage instead of natural loose, more credible than economists from Bank's actual operations.

House the second largest enrollment, refer to houses ASP buy up not down. Reduced the average price of a House is really price declines, not necessarily, average house prices may be increased because some types of houses to slightly lower prices does not mean that the prices of all houses are, so price basis for reference not only the price. When house prices are falling, we wait and see instead of the best, the hype-masters of the House we are not professional and you don't have to wonder which house prices will bottom, we just need to wait a little bit when selecting the most appropriate hands, best prices slightly rose when the momentum began.

House third largest resort, seize the opportunity to choose a cheaper House. To a certain extent predictable, can grasp the uncovered purchase than buying the house advantage built houses can get a cheaper price. We have to choose the cheapest price in the House under the same conditions.

House's fourth-largest enrollment, calculated the cost affordable to meet the needs of the House best. As with buying a car buying a House addition to the House itself, there is a series of charges waiting for you to spend. Calculated choose their own means of cost-effective House is the most important, don't compare too not to let themselves be borrowing down as house slaves.