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Bank mortgage tricks

between banks and borrowers tend to hold a dominant position, many times banks on how to seek our borrowers, according to the Bank's request to do so. To the Bank to apply for a mortgage loan to buy a House, a car, many consumers had no knowledge of the situation were countered by banks. We talked about some of the following have you met, if any, next time you will have to pay attention and know what we need what we can refuse.

people don't understand the costs

many people used bank cards, even more than one, less two or three more than seven or eight cards. In fact so many cards there are is not where we want to go to, is often necessary for a business when banks require exclusive use of a bank card, such as for mortgage loans will have to be handled on a separate card dedicated to repayment. So many cards in use, they were dispersed, and some bank cards is to charge an annual fee, then additional value-added services to repeat the opening nature leads to a duplication of fees, but these tend not to be publicized, many consumers unknowingly pay.

with the sale of some other service

in handling mortgage banks charge some fees, they have a lot of categories but consumers often can only see an invoice total amount. For which agents charge on specific bank does not issue a detailed list. If the bank employee intentionally leads consumers to buy related products or services that I believe many people do not know whether they have to buy. For example cryptographic products, not on the value-added service and so on.

replace some bear

in signing contracts, standard terms that came with some small text difficult to be perceived by consumers, and basically has become a fixed format from being changed, belong some of the banks ' fees passed on to consumers.