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Loans services? still work?

reports a large number of data show China's total banking assets have more than 10 billion 1geyiduo of commercial bank's net profits grew faster as compared 20%. Banking and financial services was flourishing under the situation of SMEs for corporate loans but in distress, all kinds of loans can't afford not to.

people make a lot of their opinions: If banks on loan applications is very different in different enterprises, State-owned enterprises are generally low bank lending rates and most of the main support, looser lending policies. Followed by large and medium sized private enterprises, they might loan policies can also loose lending interest rate will not be so easy compared with the State-owned enterprise that is a lot higher. At the back-most small businesses would not have said, will have a higher rate of interest waiting for them.

many small and medium enterprises to get loans from banks when some banks bundled financial products or specify the enterprise put the high deposits lenders under Bank double interest. How much money do small business was small scale loan how much money the Bank increased bank deposits income-generating, but those small enterprises may be overwhelmed or even another platform to seek more reasonable financial support.

as financial institutions for the financing of these enterprises to provide services, wants banks to effectively optimize the credit structure of the industry can address these differential treatment, so that SMEs can also have access to bank financing. Bank income-generating understandable units we service should not be turned into a burden no longer shout, the loan is great banks for SMEs working slogan!