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Buy a house or rent proposal

faced with high prices, although some of the policy measures of the Government, people who can't afford to buy a House is a lot, end is gritted his teeth to bear pressure on mortgage to buy a House of my own or rent a House to live in with a better deal, is to go are worried.

rent a House that is suitable for you people? first, first joined the society did not take long for young people in the workplace, economic capacity is not strong compared with the better to buy or rent. No large deposit base and face pressure to repay, buying a House temporarily slowly. Second, change of high mobility of the work situation was not entirely stable family income, once because of job transfers easy to produce more life or have financial difficulties occur. Rent the pressure is much smaller, rent is high or low according to their own economic conditions can be adjusted at any time, and once bought a House fixed periodic payments and it will become a heavy burden.

buying a House more suited to stable populations who have some savings for many years already, having to deal with reduced quality of life bear the additional burden of mortgage. There is a need to replace or upgrade demand groups, they need to improve their quality of life by buying, can sell existing old housing swap more upscale new real estate project more in line with their preferences, their existing life will not cause any burden for the economy, no loan pressure.

above is a combination of different populations are cost-effective to rent or buy a house worth made a little piece of advice, which also needs individuals to measure, in combination with the choice made by the actual economic situation in order to make life better.