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Buying a House is bought "identity"

don't know if you know of such a House, they are made up of rural farmland or collective use by commercial construction projects in now we call it property-real estate, real estate project this is for regular calls, basically this kind of real estate belonging to the illegal construction. It is not required to pay various State regulations of commercial land delivery expenses, such as land grant, and so on, and thus its market price much less compared to the regular market price of real estate projects, price reduced as a whole have a strong desire to buy many homeowners to reduce the pressure on loan.

now when you choose this type of property do you really understand them? I think there are a lot of buyers don't understand the properties of the real harm, even after problems found that their choice was wrong.

recently, news reports began around, for example, some buyers covet a moment of low prices to buy such houses, but because they are not housing title certificate, if not their only use. They cannot be used to apply to banks for loans such as mortgage, identification, because you can't get out of the House. Problems with House off and the person responsible could not be found, there's relevant departments to help solve the problem, many of these non-property rights of the Community House was built and is widely used, not only waste the land also does not solve the housing problem of the residents in rural areas.

bought such real estate buyers regret afterwards, if you are picking houses you meet a salesperson vague introduction related to House some of the procedures and details of when you have to pay attention to, whether it is a house without, do not be cheap temptation.


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